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Tammy Ruiz has cleaned our two-story office building for two years.  She cleans weekly, covering two bathrooms, a kitchen, conference room, stairs and hallway and offices.  She is very thorough and consistent with an eye for detail.  She doesn’t just mop and vacuum but also notices supplies that need replacing, sees that recycling is put in the proper bins etc.

Ms. Ruiz has the office keys and combinations and is 100% trustworthy.  She is proud of how the offices look when the work is done.  She has never missed a day of cleaning because the reschedules if life interferes and finds a time to get the work done.

We will miss Tammy greatly when she relocates to the Stockton area.  She has been an excellent caretaker and I whole-heatedly recommend Tammy Ruiz.

Polly Armstrong

CEO, Berkeley Chamber of Commerce

To Whom It May Concern:

I was hesitant to allow anyone to see the kitchen of the house I was moving into.  It was a mess and I started to clean it myself.  Within 10 minutes I decided to contact Tammy Ruiz who mentioned she did part-time housekeeping and cleaning.  Upon my phone call to her, she quoted a ball park price and set a date…I knew it would cost more or she would decline-  my kitchen was THAT disgusting.

When I returned to my house following Tammy’s visit, I could not believe it:  the kitchen was spotless!  Tammy had totally transformed this part of my house.  The cupboards were open and clean, the sink and counters sparkled, the stove looked like a new stove, and the refrigerator looked and smelled fresh.


When I saw Tammy the next day, my biggest surprise was when she invoiced me for the price quoted.  I insisted on paying more and finally convinced Tammy of this.  I could not have been more satisfied.

Please consider calling Tammy Ruiz first when you are considering ‘hiring someone to clean your home.


David Jolliffe

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